Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Dr. Oz off the deep end

I'm so pissed off.  Dr. Oz has, up to now, been a really positive influence.  The newest craze?  Green Coffee Extract.  It evidently blocks the release of glucose into the blood and therefore keeps insulin and blood sugar levels lower than they would have been.

Chlorogenic Acid: is the substance that green coffee has in abundance.  Other words for this are "caffeic acid", hmmmm, sounds like caffeine.  Do you know what else slows the release of glucose into the body? PLANT FOODS THAT ARE UNREFINED.  For the love of Pete, can we just eat in a healthful way?!!!!  I'm so sick of the quack pills promising the moon and reinforcing our bad habits. 

As for me, I can wear rings that haven't fit in years.  My wedding ring has to be held on by my engagement ring because my fingers are slimmer.  I'm sleeping well and becoming more mobile as the weight comes off.  I went to the doctor last week and have lost about a pound per week during the summer when I thought I had held steady.