Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fit for Duty

Lord, thank you for this part of the Pentagon budget.  I knew that there must be something worth paying for.  Here it is!

"Fit for Duty" is a series of workout videos ranging from a few minutes to an hour in length.  These cardio ones are about 25 minutes long and they will kick your ass!  I learned about this series whilst searching itunes' most popular health and fitness podcasts.  I'm so psyched!  Some days I want to get up early but don't want to add the commuting distance to the gym into my morning schedule.  Then there are snowy days, storms, or Sunday mornings too cold to go for a power walk.  (I'm changing regular walks to a faster-paced power-walk)

Try one!  Go ahead, you paid for this!  Do it!

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