Friday, November 4, 2011

Rebooting the Program

I haven't been getting the results I want.  I am doing a little trimming, but nothing like what I need to accomplish.  Luckily, Halloween didn't get me off track.  My husband took all the candy to school with him.  It also helps that I learned that most chocolate is produced with child slavery.  This made me lose my appetite for it pretty fast.

Portion control is the name of the game.  I'm especially watching carbohydrate intake.  Eliminating them is a bad idea.  Carbohydrate is important for the immune system and other metabolic function.  The important thing is to keep it to 30-50% of calories.

I heard on NPR that natural sunlight is necessary for normal eye development in children.  Without it, the eye keeps growing and becomes oblong, making the person near-sighted.  nearsightedness has traditionally been pretty rare, but it's becoming very common.  In places where children are almost perpetually in buildings (like school) such as Shanghi, China, the nearsightedness rate is 90%!

So, with all my podcast and NPR listening, this is what I've learned this week.

  1. Most commercially produced chocolate is made with child slavery (where the cocoa is harvested).
  2. Keep carbs lower to help control appetite.  (Ben Greenfield fitness podcast)
  3. Getting out to rake and collect wood, go on bike rides, etc. will help my 2-year-old's vision develop well.   (NPR news)
  4. Eating lots of mini-meals doesn't give my body the opportunity to metabolize body fat.  I'm best off with 3 moderate meals per day.  (Jillian Michaels podcast)
  5. I need to challenge myself at the gym, past what I'd normally think is possible.  (Jillian Michaels podcast)

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