Thursday, April 19, 2012

Blessed are the poor in spirit

As I'm eating a plant-based diet, I'm struck by the simplicity and peasant quality of most of the things I'm eating.  I'm eating like a poor person.  Like someone must have eaten during the Great Depression, in the French countryside, or someone living off of their garden.  I'm thankful for well seasoned food and a nice juxtaposition of flavors.  I can't think about a meat being the source of inspiration for the meal anymore.  I need to think about the starch and veggies. 

If I were eating like most Vegans, I would not be feeling this way.  Instead I'm eating low fat and whole.  Fake chicken nuggets, olive oil, and fake ice cream are NOT on the menu.  Eating this way is forcing me to be "poor in spirit".  Even though I can afford meat and milk and cheese, I'm eating as someone who cannot. 

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