Friday, April 27, 2012

Progress Report

Still plant-based and doing really well.  I have to fight some moodiness because I don't get enough calories sometimes and that makes me testy.  Once I eat a good meal, I'm okay.

I am under 310 and should be under 300 within the month of May!  I'm so excited.

I've gone from one bowel movement every .8 days to 3-4 per day and every time I use the toilet, I feel like a new woman.  I feel like all the poisons of the world have left me and I'm born again!  It's awesome!  I'm sure there are toxins stored in my fat.  As the fat is burnt, I release them into the stool.  That might be it.  Anyway, I'm no longer living in fear of colon cancer.  Freedom from fear is a wonderful thing.

Need to shop for underwear soon and I'll go for a smaller size.

Planning to buy myself an outfit when I've cleared 300.  So excited to finally be achieving success.  My self esteem is so much better.

I have pretty bad allergies this year.  The trees really got a head start with spring beginning in February instead of April.  I was hoping the diet would get rid of them.  Perhaps they will become less troublesome. 

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