Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Weight of a Nation, HBO special

Sometimes I think I just can't do it and that I'll never be a normal looking person again.  But I know if I just plug away at my veggies and try out new recipes and pray, I'll be okay.  This is a good documentary from HBO.

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  1. Dear Suzanne

    Please watch the Dr. Rudolp Leibel and Dr. Michael Rosenbaum parts of the HBO speical under "The Biology Of Weight Loss". I have it on my blog.

    Severe obesity is complex. What we do not know about it would fill a vast ocean. What we know is a glass of water.

    Don't be hard on yourself. Once you read the science about this it will become clearer. Definitely ditch the low calorie diets. Science knows enough now to completely discard diets for good.They cause all sorts of harm. It sets you up to become heavier over the long term.

    Dr. Linda Bacon Ph.D., Dances With Fat and great blogs to read. Other women just like you who are struggling to make sense of it all.

    HAES is perfect for you. Eat to satiety and exercise for health- anything you like.If you do nothing but try to stay the same size you are now you will have succeeded. But, realize that body weight is largel involuntarily regulated by neural circuitry.

    But these measures often do not produce much weight loss. Dr. Jeffrey Friedman has numerous lectures about weight on YOuTube.

    Best Wishes,