Thursday, August 25, 2011

Post #2

We're readying ourselves for Hurricane Irene.  It may be a bit more challenging than the "earthquake", but I don't expect too much drama.  Here's hoping that the Carolinas and Connecticut fare well.  I find that I feel less peckish and hungry when my house is clean and I'm getting things done.  When I'm in parts of the house that I've cleaned, I feel calmer.  Do you find that too?

Found an awesome article on gluttony and the Catholic life.  If you are Orthodox Christian, don't worry, the "filoque" isn't mentioned.  This is one area where both sides of the Adriatic are in full agreement.  The article is here and is titled, "Overcoming Gluttony."  The article has many great tips like limiting soft drinks, getting smaller meals, and saying a daily rosary.

The article says something very controversial, but quite true.
And always remember - It's no one's fault that they are gluttons.  It's only the cross that they have to bear in this life, and overcome; just like homosexuals have to overcome their affinity for same sex attraction, like fornicators have to overcome their love of illicit sexual pleasure, like angry people have to overcome their rage whenever something doesn't go right, etc., if they want to go to heaven when they die.  Eat, drink, and be merry is NOT the Biblical message.

Hummus, tabouleh, baba ganoush, falafel, pita, rice, beans,
grape leaves, and salads are great fasting foods.  Observing
these little fasts help us practice for the Great Fast of Lent.
Isn't that amazing!  It's just my cross to bear.  I like to eat a lot.  Just my thing.  It's not okay for me to eat too much, it's not okay for someone else to have road rage or cheat on a spouse.  Sin is sin.

On the Orthodox side, we have fasting.  No meat (white or red), wine, dairy (including eggs), or fish with bones.  Only vegan plus bugs.  Fortunately these bugs include not only grasshoppers, but sea bugs like crabs and lobsters!  We are in the middle of the fast of the Dormition of the Theotokos.  It's also prime veggie season.  I'm lovin' the sweet corn this year!

Here's a fun video.  If you feel like walking on the wild side or getting in touch with your John The Baptist side, you might wanna try it.

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  1. How did you fair in Irene? I never asked you.
    All was fine here.
    Ironic that Vt. suffered so much. Who would've thought? Did your dad's house have any damage?