Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Fat Head

I'm watching the rebuttal documentary, Fat Head.  I had never heard of Tom Naughton before, but he's actually quite funny and the documentary is informative.  Here's the trailer.

The food diary for "Fat Head" is here.  Taken with other documentaries like....


I also enjoyed the documentary that pissed off Naughton in the first place.

I also read this book and have been trying to keep my natural foods for my ethnicity and blood type in mind.  
I'm going to try to eat things that occur in natural.  Come to think of it, corn oil doesn't seem to be natural.  I've taken corn off the cob and the juice produced tends to be quite watery.  Processing food is bad.  I'm gonna stick with that.  

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  1. Are you seriously avoiding all things processed?