Sunday, September 4, 2011

So far so good

Whole milk ain't so bad
I've been getting up early and walking.  Sometimes I walk the dogs, sometimes not.  They are a handful in the dark and whine and bark a lot if I walk one and not the other.

I've been watching portions, but had NOT cut out saturated fat.  I'm going with whole milk and full fat, just less of it.  I'm not having many carbs with dinner and nothing after dinner to eat.  I feel better.  My home scale says there is progress, but I don't trust that one.  We'll see if the scale at the gym agrees.

The thought that has gotten me through these two weeks has been something like this...

I know I don't want to do this (eat less, stop eating, exercise, get up early,) but it's not about what I want, it's about what Jesus wants.  He wasn't up there on His cross saying, "Gee, this is great!"  Fighting gluttony and sloth is my cross.  I need to get up there with Him and deal.

Watching the sun rise is really nice
during an early morning walk.
On the flip side, I feel better.  I have more energy, sleep better, and I'm proud of myself.  I also get some prayer time while walking and some quiet time alone.  I get to see the sun rise and have a nice cup of coffee without baby near the stove in the early morning.  These perks were definitely NOT part of Jesus' experience on His cross.  When you really think about it, my cross isn't such a terrible one to bear.

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  1. Why does picture show snow? Does not look like your neighborhood.