Saturday, September 24, 2011

Purgatory in Massachusetts

Depiction of Purgatory
So, according to Catholic and Orthodox teaching, we get a glorified body at the resurrection.  If we are chronic over-eaters (gluttons) and   if we don't use our bodies' muscles (sloth), then we won't take good care of the glorified version either, won't we?  Purification of the soul and spirit are necessary before we get those glorified bodies.  This is a logical conclusion.  We can therefore deduce that getting rid of excess fat on the body is necessary for entry into heaven.  I have no idea how this is done after death, but right here and right now I'm doing it on my body.

With occasional diets as the exception, my Mom was obese during most of her adult life.  In the end, cancer and chemotherapy claimed her extra weight.  Throughout this process, I feel like I'm walking with Mom.  She's urging me to get healthy now and not go through what she went through.  Either way, the weight is coming off.

This past week I've been a bit lax.  Last weekend we went to an ordination and partied for two big meals.  Those meals weren't a problem because we (my family) didn't do much eating on those days besides the parties.  What it did though was give me a taste for dessert again.  I've been fighting it ever since.  Thank God for the morning walks or I'd be lost.

I've been listening to spiritually and motivationally edifying podcasts and music.  I'm working exercise into my life and getting up more from the couch.  I'm eating whole foods and reading labels.  I'm praying at meals.  Please pray for me.  I really need the help.

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  1. Dear Friend,

    That is a tough one! Parties often ruin best intentions. Maybe you should avoid parties?