Sunday, September 18, 2011

Suburban Chickens

My town of Taunton, Massachusetts is considered a "city", but it is the most rural city I've ever been in.  I especially enjoy early morning walks on Sundays because they are so quiet.  Not many people are readying for work and all the people who had a late Saturday night have already gone home.

Nicely kept homes with chickens in the backyard!
This morning is the seventh month anniversary of my mother's falling asleep (death).  I said a rosary for her soul and for the new deacons who were ordained by Cardinal O'Malley yesterday.  I was solemn and began my prayers.  It was slow going.  I had trouble getting into the flow of the prayers.  Then I got onto Dunbar Street.  As I passed a raised ranch, I heard a rooster begin to announce the morning.  Then another rooster answered him a few streets over.  Pretty soon, in the second decade of the rosary, I was accompanied by a chorus of suburban chickens!  I was laughing to myself and praying and a huge grin was spreading on my face.

Imagine the neighbors being woken up at the crack of dawn every day and the patience they are forced to have.  Imagine the communications between neighbors over the roosters.  I laughed a little harder.  Imagine the fun one can have watching the chickens interact with one another, the household dog, and the children.  What a joy to eat the eggs of such chickens!

I've long wanted to follow in the footsteps of my friend who lives in Durham, New Hampshire.  She raises chickens for eggs in her backyard.  Building the coop, fencing the yard, and caring for the chickens would be an endless source of exercise.  My husband doubted that chickens would be allowed in the "city."  Now, after the walk on Dunbar Street, I realize that they are not only allowed, but welcomed.
my mom

My walk gave me a tremendous appreciation for the crisp air, the beautiful sky, and the wholesome food that awaits me for breakfast.  I imagined my mother's spirit urging me on to care for my body with exercise, a touch of laughter, and the enjoyment of simple things.  May her memory be eternal.

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  1. Dear Suzanne,

    You are right again! The neighbors all comment on the chickens. Now my friend has them across the river and my neighbors, some can hear theirs and ours simulcast! Some neighbors don't appreciate them, which just means they don't get any eggs.
    My friend Renee took a kids' play house and converted it into her coop. Can you eat eggs on your diet? The picture of your mom is beautiful. I think you should get more members on here. You write beautifully.